February 12, 2016

Personal Insight: Patrick Clifford

The seventh interview in a series of personal insights about why Wynyard Central is proving such a popular place to live. This week we spoke to award-winning Design Director Patrick Clifford who led the Architectus team responsible for Wynyard Central.

Patrick Clifford, Director of Architectus, Architect of Wynyard Central
Patrick Clifford, Director of Architectus, Architect of Wynyard Central

How are Wynyard Central and future residential developments helping to fulfil the potential of this once-in-a-generation rejuvenation project?

Architectus has been involved at Wynyard Quarter since the beginning of the area’s regeneration nearly 15 years ago. Fundamental to the Urban Design Framework was a desire to
build on the existing atmosphere and activities – to add to the area, not take away. That’s what I think makes it such an enjoyable space. There are fishing boats and marine activities, and to these has been added the opportunity for people to visit, work, play and, soon, live.

What were the guiding principles for the design of Wynyard Central?

In addition to providing great residences, Wynyard Central needed to add to the experience of being in an enjoyable neighbourhood. As a collection of smaller buildings, Wynyard Central has an open and generous connection to the surrounding parks. The laneways connecting the precinct create vibrancy by providing new places for cafes and shops, and new ways for people to move through Wynyard Quarter.

How did you cater to the unique Auckland location and lifestyle in the design?

Wynyard Central is configured in a way that optimises outlook, access to the sun and aspect. For example, the buildings have been designed to allow for “through” apartments - homes that go right through the building, from one side to the other, to get both the morning and the afternoon sun.

Outdoor living is key to the Auckland lifestyle but is often limited to apartments with balconies. We opted for deep, covered balconies that are able to be used as an outdoor room. They’ve been designed to offer a degree of privacy and to be enjoyed even when the weather is not ideal. It’s these climatic and lifestyle design considerations that will work really well in Auckland and will make these homes very enjoyable to live in.

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